What is Child Abuse

ABUSE:  Intentional or unintentional action(s) and / or speech that is perpetrated against an individual resulting in varying degrees of distress to the individual's physical, and/or mental and emotional well-being.

CHILD ABUSE:  Differs from abuse in that the victims are unable to protect themselves either physically or mentally from their perpetrator(s).  The seriousness of child abuse is compounded by the child's inability to conceptually or psychologically comprehend the abuse, therefore, the child is often unable to communicate the nature of the abuse.

FORMS OF ABUSE:We will attempt to simplify five broad categories of abuse, many of which may work together simultaneously.

1.            Physical Abuse

2.            Sexual Abuse

3.            Mental / Emotional

4.            Verbal Abuse

5.            Spiritual Abuse


PHYSICAL ABUSE:  Action(s) perpetrated against any part of the individuals physical body, intentionally or unintentionally, inflicting inhumane pain and suffering .

SEXUAL ABUSE: Any unnatural aggression taken through force and / or manipulation physically and / or verbally which violates the individuals sexual well-being, thereby hindering natural healthy development.

MENTAL / EMOTIONAL ABUSE:  The use of fear and  / or coercion with the intent to force an individual to submit and / or comply to the  perpetrator's).

VERBAL ABUSE:  Any speech which serves  to degrade an individual in either a public or private forum.

SPIRITUAL ABUSE:  Authoritative religious figures who through contrary actions and / or speech serve to confuse and distort healthy, wholesome, and nurturing attitudes, thereby hindering an individuals spiritual well-being and growth.



The following is a brief overview of a bill we would like to initiate on behalf of Gilbert Bonneau.  Titled: 'The Gilbert Bonneau Children's Bill of Rights'.  The goal of this bill will be to secure the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of the orphaned, and all those who are without a voice in an institutional and / or non-traditional family setting.

Physical Needs:  Children have the right to freely partake in all of GOD'S bountiful blessings in order to nurture and protect their physical bodies.  Children have the right to be protected from any form of bodily harm initiated by unnatural causes.

Mental Needs:  Children have the right to be praised, motivated, inspired, and enabled, so as to promote the development of a healthy self image.  Children have the right to be recognized, respected and encouraged so that they realize the beauty of his or her own unique and divinely designed personality.

Emotional Needs   Children have the right to feel loved, protected, and secure with their care givers - free from fear of any form of physical, verbal, mental, spiritual, or emotional abuse.

Educational Needs:  Children have a right to be academically stimulated according to their progressive developmental needs.  Children have a right to be exposed to a wide range of the arts, which will serve to identify and capitalize on his or her talents and skills.

Spiritual Needs:  Children have the right to freely seek spiritual fulfillment and realization without force, manipulation, or fear motivation.

As a former resident of St. Coleman's Home or any other child care facility, you may have experienced a violation of one or more of your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.  For this purpose we would like to initiate this bill on behalf of Gilbert Bonneau and all defenseless citizens.  No one was there to help us during our abusive experiences; but now we can work together to have all our cries heard.  Today, our voices can serve to protect the rights of GOD'S most precious and vulnerable citizens.


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