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Gilbert Bonneau

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 

Psalm 82:3

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The Bonneau Family has been seeking answers to many disturbing questions in regard to the suspicious circumstances surrounding their younger brother Gilbert's death.  To this day they have not had their questions answered to their satisfaction.

The Gilbert Bonneau Story According to His Family 1947 — Daniel, Michael, and Gilbert Bonneau were placed in St. Colman’s Home. My brother Patrick was taken in by a family friend; I remained with my father. These untimely and tragic turns of events were precipitated by the sudden illness, hospitalization, and subsequent death of my mother (she was only 39 years old at the time of her death). Local authorities would not allow my father to keep us together; they did not believe my father would be able to care for all of us. Against my father’s will, we were all separated – never again to be reunited in our youth as a family. more...

Why it is so important for us to come to the truth The Bonneau family has spent all their savings attempting to come to the truth concerning their brother, only to come up against one brick wall after another.    more...

It's NOT about money, it's about the truth We feel that it is of utmost importance for those responsible for Gilbert's death be held accountable - regardless of who they are.   more...

All those abused at St. Coleman's deserve nothing less than an apology Since our search for the truth about Gilbert, so many others have come forth with their own accounts of abuse. They deserve to have their abuses acknowledged by their abuser.   more...

No one is above the law Those who abuse children, should be held accountable, regardless of whether they are clergy or not.  more...

Mark Longale's Story Another child from St. Coleman's Home dies. Read an excerpt from Sue Robertson's Book about the death of this child. more...

What ever happened to Wally Eye witness abuse never brought to the public eye.  more...

The Media Slant It became clear that the media was not presenting the facts. They were far too busy discrediting those claiming to have been abused.  more...

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This site is dedicated to Gilbert Bonneau by his brothers - who never were able to be a part of his life. 

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